the Mediterranean wonderland

A country young in its independence, but centuries old in its history and culture, Montenegro will make you wonder why you never visited before from the moment your eyes first meet the blue color of the Adriatic or the luscious green of its high mountains. In the same day you might be able to enjoy in skiing of the mountain slopes and sip a cocktail on the sandy beaches. Christian, Muslim, Illyrian, Byzantine, Turkish and Slavic people were drawn to its fertile plains, proud mountains and Crystal Sea, merging their influences and making Montenegro a crossroad of culture and history. The country’s location and natural resources have not only attracted many visitors, but produced a generous supply of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and other products cooked using a mixture of traditional methods, that have put Montenegro on the world’s culinary map. Speaking of maps, try looking at the map of the world and you will see that Montenegro will be the closest to the very center. On the meeting spot of 6 continents, this small country offers national parks, lakes, mountains, sandy beaches and a myriad of natural contrasts that we are sure you will never forget.