Warm welcome to Argentina!

ARGENTINA, the second largest country in South America, the 7th biggest country of the world. It is a vast, diverse and stunning nation known best for its romantic tango and political heroine Eva Perón. A land of extremes, from Patagonia’s majestic glaciers to the colour and culture of Buenos Aires. Situated between the Andes to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Argentina is full of fiery passion and spectacular beauty, with dramatic mountains, cascading waterfalls at Iguazu, the vast grassy plains of the Pampas, wonderful estancias where you can ride all day and not see another soul, and the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. This unique country conjures up images of tango dancers, elegant architecture, gauchos on horseback, polo and mouth-watering steaks – it’s easy to see why Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in South America. Add in the fascinating culture and lunar landscapes of the northwest, the gorgeous vineyards around Mendoza, and the incredible marine wildlife of the Valdes Peninsula or the extraordinary Ibera wetlands, and you have a dynamic and endlessly varied combination of experiences to enjoy. There are so many highlights, and a single trip can only hope to cover some of these, but with our help you will be able to uncover your own passion for Argentina.